What to Expect

JPS-Recital_2015_013JPS is closed: we are no longer accepting new students.

What Students Will Learn

All students receive a comprehensive musical training that is adapted to each individual’s ability, personality, and interests. Students will learn note reading, ear training, music theory, technique, and performance skills while being in a positive and supportive environment. Ultimately, I hope to foster excellence and a love for music for all my students.

While I teach with a classical focus, I also introduce music from other genres to engage my students’ interests. It is important that students receive a formal, well-rounded musical education while they explore and have fun.

First Lesson with Kristina

At the first lesson, I meet with both the student and parent (if applicable) and begin a short, informal assessment for the student if he or she has had previous lessons. If the student is a beginner, we start at a slow but fun pace; we explore the keyboard, identify a good hand and body position, and listen to and imitate melodies and rhythms.

Do I Need a Piano?

Yes, absolutely! This sounds like a silly question, but it’s commonly asked by beginners who want to dip their toes into the water. It’s not advised to begin lessons without first having a piano to practice on every day. So, if you are remotely interested in learning, get a piano first. Here is more info on keyboards vs. acoustic pianos.

On Practicing

Although it is my mission to have students achieve specific goals by the end of every lesson, it is important for students of all levels to know that learning music is a gradual but extremely rewarding process that requires consistent effort and patience. That means daily practice at the same time and place on a responsive instrument.

Practicing consistently requires a strong support system in place: the teacher, the student, and most importantly, the parent, who is the anchor and model for his or her child. Parents of younger students are expected to sit with their children during practice sessions; older students need encouragement to sustain some sort of practicing regimen.

Consistency cultivates growth. The rewards of a musical education, which are many, will remain for a lifetime!

Performance Opportunities

West LA MTAC piano lessonsAll students perform in our annual Studio Recital. More advanced students may also participate in various performances, evaluations, and competitions that are offered throughout the year through the Music Teachers’ Association of California (MTAC). Ensemble performances are also highly recommended for students of all ages and skill levels.